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24 novembre 2018

Nature VS human being?


Summary of previous episodes. I saw in Frank Jacobs blog 'strange maps' an intriguing situation. [https://bigthink.com/strange-maps/onesoil-ai-art-agriculture-crops]. I noticed an image taken from the Webgis OneSoil [https://map.onesoil.ai/2018/it/apulia#12.12/44.66023/11.92383] and I thought I had caught a defaillance in the caption that says 'order meets chaos' because I was convinced it was a geographical issue: in the West there will be hills and in the East there will be the plains. And instead, after having a look with Google Earth and Street View, I realized that in that area the landscape is more or less flat.


I was intrigued and thought there were some historical reasons why there was that conformation. After a brief but intense search, I found a map of the “Consorzio di Bonifica di Ferrara” [http://www.bonificaferrara.it/images/Allegati/SITL/4d-3-altimetria(100).pdf] where I ... solved the question.


Well, the area of the Po River delta has been reclaimed over hundreds of years and the framed area is part of the ancient course of that river.


The dark blue line that cuts across the figure, is the “Canale Circondariale di Gramigne Fosse” that delimits the area to the North-East uniformly below the sea level about one meter deep, while in the South-West area there is an irregular depression of the land that reaches over two meters below sea level. I have drawn the bathymetric curves on the altimetric areas of the Consortium to get the image you see.


The drainage channels of the latter part are roughly converging, while in the other part they are orthogonal to each other. So it seems more like an image that portrays nature against human being rather than, as Frank suggested, the order that meets chaos :-)





Auguri di Buone Feste 08 dicembre 2018

Auguri di Buone Feste

From the ICA (International Cartographic Association) a goodbye to the next year where there will be other beautiful visions of the Earth. P.S. Nell'ultima settimana del 2018, le risposte da modulo contatti potrebbero essere rallentate. Scusateci. leggi

Analisi speditiva situazione Casteldaccia (PA) 05 novembre 2018

Analisi speditiva situazione Casteldaccia (PA)

A caldo è sempre difficile analizzare una situazione, ma proviamo. All’interno di QGIS ho inserito una base aerofotografica di BING, mi sono collegato al servizio WMS dell’Agenzia delle Entrate e leggi

Trasformazioni del territorio - Geografia e storia 27 ottobre 2018

Trasformazioni del territorio - Geografia e storia

Lo Huai He è un affluente dello Yangtze (Fiume Azzurro) nei pressi di Nanchino in Cina. Esso attraversa una vasta pianura alluvionale e gli abitanti che lo popolano su entrambe le rive, leggi

Terremoto in Indonesia 07 ottobre 2018

Terremoto in Indonesia

Il confronto fra le due foto presentate sull'account Twitter di Digital Globe [https://twitter.com/DigitalGlobe/status/1046878716247384070] lascia poco spazio all'immaginazione: leggi